Marquis Manthan suggests thought analysis by Noble Men & Women for safeguarding boundaries of Civilized Society. That is why
is a favorite place of Aristocrats & Noblemen (Marquis) for thought analysis (Manthan) to protect the Rontiers of knowledge & development in the lush green environment, luxury & comfort.
This place is designed & developed keeping in mind the requirement of high profile visitors & travelers in highly developing zone of new Mumbai & Raigad. The gigantic infra structure development this zone has increased the visits of aristocratic professionals visiting remote locations of their projects.
Marquis Manthan is only suitable host of their activities in this area. Marquis Manthan is witness & host of all high profile corporate & political meetings, conferences, seminars & events of this zone so indirectly influencing the overall development of this area with the spirits of their high class facilities & services.
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